What happens on the plane if you don't activate Flight Mode on your Smartphone


Each of us knows that you have to activate Flight Mode mode on your smartphone while traveling in plane and not receive incoming calls and text messages. However, what happens if you fail to comply with this rule and leave your device activated while flying? Thanks to a new report by MailOnline we understand exactly how mobile phones affect the communication systems in modern aircraft.

The worst thing that smartphones can do is to create annoying noise in the headphones of the pilots, if the Flight Mode mode is not activated, definitely the last person you would like to distract during the fly is your own pilots.

Texting also can disrupt the radio link between them and traffic control, which in itself poses a risk to the safety of all passengers. Good to know that the next time you fly activating the the Flight Mode will improve communication between pilots and the control tower.

We note also that the systems of the aircraft are sophisticated enough to not rely on passengers themselves, which can forget their mobile device activated. In the words from the pilots in about 50 flights they hear the annoying sound in the headphones for only two three times, but every factor that distracts them can have unpleasant consequences. We should not forget that despite the unpleasant incident in a recent years aircraft continue to be the safest transport.

I am not an electrical engineer, but I am an airline pilot.

“I’m going to blow the mind of every frequent flyer out there and say this: cell phones can and do interfere with airplanes. Transmitting cell phones can cause audible interference on the aircraft’s radios.

You’ve probably heard this interference yourself when a phone is set near a speaker. It sounds like a “dit-dit-dit-dit” tone and it’s pretty annoying. Anyone who has had to track down audio interference in a sound system understands.” Wrote a pilot in a blog post for AirlineUpdates.