Which smartphone is the most likely to be stolen in the UK?



The iPhone is no longer the smartphone most coveted by phone thieves.

According to new numbers, it’s the HTC M8, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which are the handsets most likely to be stolen in the UK, based on an estimate calculated using data on desirability to criminals.

An official league table published by the Home Office showed that individual models by HTC and Samsung have overtaken the iPhone as the thief’s favourite handset, but Apple remains the brand of smartphone most likely to be stolen.

Three models of the iPhone 6 took the following three slots in the league table – with the 6 Plus, 6 and 6S in descending order.

However, Apple remained top of the brand-by-brand table, followed by HTC in second place then Samsung, Sony and LG.

The figures were calculated based on the Metropolitan Police’s data on 70,000 mobile phone thefts in the capital in 2015.

It updated figures published in September 2014 when the iPhone took the took the top four slots of the most targeted smartphones

However, both the manufacturer and model league tables were not based on straightforward frequency of thefts.

Instead, they used a calculation which estimated whether the model had deliberately been targeted by a criminal – for example after being left on a pub table by the owner – or stolen more randomly, such as phones that had been left in a stolen car.

“This ratio gives us a measure of ‘over–stolen’, in other words, the extent to which a particular make and model of phone was stolen more than we would have anticipated given its share of the random thefts,” said the paper.

“The September 2014 paper showed dominance of the top few slots by Apple phones, with four of the top five phones most likely to be stolen made by Apple.

“However the most ‘over-stolen’ mobile phone based on the 2015 Metropolitan Police data is the HTC M8, albeit a relatively uncommon phone, with only 328 total thefts occurring in 2015. It is followed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

“The Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and Note models are also in the top 10 phones most likely to be stolen.”