Why bone-conduction might be the headphone technology of the future

When you’re choosing a pair of headphones for long runs or outdoor adventuring, Bluetooth is a no-brainer — no annoying wires that get in the way, and all the controls you need are usually right on the headphones themselves. That said, not all Bluetooth headphones are created equal, and there’s a fine line between being totally tuned into your music and (dangerously) tuned out to the rest of the world. That’s where the ALL-Terrain Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones get it right.

The makers of ALL-Terrain have figured out a way around the issue: bone conduction technology. It’s pretty much as insane and futuristic as it sounds: instead of having sound waves travel through your ear the boring way, bone-conduction headphones send vibrations to the top of your jaw and then through your inner ear and brain. That means they’ll still sit comfortably on the back of your head, but there won’t be buds in your ears. Which is exactly what you want when you need to be aware of the outside world while you’re listening to music. And they’re even water-resistant, so go ahead and splash a little.

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