Windows 10 Mobile Gets Better at Multitasking, Now Supports 16 Apps at Once


Over the weekend, Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14267. The build brings with it a range of new features and improvements such as it is now easier for users to open InPrivate tabs in Microsoft Edge, and do music searches in Cortana. The Redmond, Washington-based company has also quietly improved the multitasking experience on its mobile operating system, it appears.

Users who have updated to build 14267 can now have as many as 16 apps running simultaneously,reports MSPoweruser. Prior to the update, users could only have up to eight apps run at the same time. The improvement to the multitasking feature could come handy to many, especially those who have a smartphone with 2GB of RAM or more.

The build also comes with a number of other features including support for Word Flow in Microsoft Edge address bar. The company says it has also made it easier to search for music in Cortana. There’s a music search icon to the top right of Cortana for that.

Private browsing in Microsoft Edge is also easier now. The company has moved the InPrivate tab button, and it now appears next to the new tab button. Download prompts are also getting better now in Microsoft Edge, giving you the option to cancel unwanted downloads.

Interestingly, the build is not available for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring with a Lumia 550. The company says that it is investigating an issue that is preventing the aforementioned Lumia smartphone from charging when connected via USB.